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HD Printing

HD Printing is our newest and 2nd fastest way to have t-shirts printed.  It is also our most cost effective when it comes to single or small quantity orders and multiple color orders compared to screen printing.  There are no setup fees and you can print one or multiple colors for the same price.  HD Printing can produce photo quality images and since you can print using white ink, you can also print on color shirts.  You can also get your shirt printed within 2 - 3 days and depending on how many shirts you need and what time you come in, same day or next day may also be available for an additional fee.


Note: Currently we only stock White and Black shirts, but we can order any color shirt for next day delivery if ordered before 2 p.m.



• Can order one shirt

• Can be printed same day or next day

• Can print white ink.

• Can be printed on dark colors.

• Durable color does not fade.

• Great for full color printing & photographs.

• We supply shirts or you can supply them.

• Great for 100% cotton items, but can on other items.

• Can be ganged up on a sheet to save cost on large orders.



• Not recommended for stretchy items.

• Material is more expensive than transfers.

• Cannot do small print or very thin lines.

HD Printing